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Coaching Services


Many clients prefer the flexibility and increased confidentiality that comes from coaching versus psychotherapy.  We offer coaching through out sister company


Big Calm offers coaching and a curriculum focused on more holistic health including nervous system and mental well-being. 

The emphasis is on getting your body and mind working together to rapidly improve your life.  Tara developed this approach after spending about 20,000 hours with clients and coming to believe that many of them could be helped better with more targeted approaches. 

Big Calm does not offer psychological or other medical services, but it can be a good choice for many people.

Benefits of Coaching vs. Therapy

Therapy can be extremely powerful and transformative, but it is not perfect. For instance, clients often use insurance to pay for care and this entitles the insurance company to see your records in certain cases.  Also, therapy requires a medical diagnosis and treatment plan and that diagnosis can "stick" with you when you, for instance, apply for life insurance.  Finally, therapy tends to be past oriented and places less weight on the future.  

Coaching is not health care but, for certain people, it can produce equal or greater results.  This is because coaching is more future focused and places less emphasis on examining past problems.  It also allows for more flexibility in approach because coaches are not required to rigidly adhere to therapeutic standards of practice.

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